About us

Edplus, the company behind Edlock, was founded in early 2018 by Professor Francis Brown and Toby Staveley. Francis is a world-renowned mathematician and Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford. Toby is an entrepreneur with a history of addressing social problems.

As fathers to young children, Toby and Francis started with a shared ambition to help school aged kids with learning outside of school. They soon recognised that many of the issues that make learning a challenge for children, are actually issues for learners of all ages.

Edplus uses a novel adaptive-learning algorithm to personalise questions for each learner and uses machine learning to optimise its strategy.

To motivate learners Edplus is embedded in a number of different apps utlilising a principal known as temptation bundling. Edlock is one of these apps.

Edplus is an Oxford University spinout company.